Texas-born artist Anthony Reans has been painting since 2001, and like most artists, experimented over time with various concepts, styles, and idioms, until settling into his mature period. He began his current series in 2013, while earning his MA in studio art from Northwestern State University, Louisiana. He creates abstract compositions that concentrate on the connections between balance, space, surface, and relationship.

“My work is like most other formal Op Art, in that it deals with the nature of subjective reality, interconnectedness, spatial relations, and perception. I cover the surfaces of my panels with colorful pinstripes, which creates tension. It has a magnetic kind of push-pull effect. At the same time, the careful placement of the colors in relation to one another results in optical color mixing, or the assimilation of color. When a viewer gets up close to the painting, he or she can easily see all of the individual lines in their pure, unblended colors. When the viewer moves away from the painting, the colors blend together. Blue, yellow, and red become a full-spectrum rainbow. Move back up, and the colors are unblended again. The blended effect stabilizes the frenetic energy of the tiny lines, and develops an all-over, color-field balance. So the paintings go from tons of energy and purity to softer, slowed-down energy and all-over blends.

In this way, my work reflects the universal complexities of human relationships, and reminds the viewer that reality is subjective.”