Texas-born artist Anthony Reans has been painting since 2001, and like most artists, experimented over time with various concepts, styles, and idioms, until settling into his mature period. He began his current series in 2013, while earning his MA in studio art from Northwestern State University. He creates geometric abstract compositions that concentrate on the connections between balance, space, surface, and relationship.


My current series deals with the nature of interconnectedness. I use countless tiny colorful lines to create tension (in their colors, their numbers and the contrast between them) to an almost magnetic kind of push-pull effect, that seems to want to break down the invisible bond between the tiles, making them all zoom away in different directions. Meanwhile, the overall composition – the careful placement of the tiles in relation to one another – stabilizes and balances out the dynamic energy between them, keeping them together, making them form one unit, and making them greater than the sum of their parts. It’s this element in the work that reflects the nature of universal relationships, and makes the series intellectually stimulating and emotionally charged. It’s the invisible bond (perhaps the human mind and our abstract thinking) that forms the final work of art.