Mister Painty

Mister Painty is my alter ego. I use him as an outlet for the adventurous side of my artistic expression. I believe it’s important that art make a statement without necessarily taking itself too seriously. Mr. Painty makes this happen for me. He says, “Let’s elevate the Internet meme to the level of fine art. Take it away from the computer monitor, off the cell phone, and down from the news feed. Bind it to a strip of fabric and fasten it to the wall.”

Why do we love memes?

Is it the humor alone?

Not all memes are humorous, but the most popular ones are.

Is there more to gain from them than the occasional momentary chuckle?

Should a good meme have staying power, and remain relevant year after year, like a good painting?

And what does it say about our culture’s obsession with entertainment being so overwhelming that movies, characters, comics, games, TV shows, and toys all blend together into a maelstrom of imagery and branding?

It gets crazy out there, impossible to keep up.

Superimposing pop cultural imagery and casual jokes over beautiful, refined brocade fabrics demonstrates the perfect balance of the low brow and the high brow of our anything-goes culture.

And that’s funny. There’s more to the meme than meets the eye.

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