My work falls into the idioms of formal Op, Color Field, Hard Edge, and Geometric art, dealing with the nature of subjective reality, interconnectedness, spatial relations, surface, and perception.

Each line or shape that I make has a life of its own, and each one gets every ounce of my attention during the creative process. The focus I give to the act of painting settles me into a quasi-meditative state of mind, which I find to be very pleasing, and which I hope is communicated to the viewer. Experiencing the subtleties of the finished painting reveals the subjective nature of reality, based upon perception. More than one Truth (with a capital T) is evident to the viewer who approaches the work from across a room, then moves to within arm’s reach.

The painting’s surface, in terms of the viewer’s reality, changes from a wide spectrum of soft, blended colors to a dizzying, frenetic array of hardedge, pure-colored lines. Surfaces appear to move, to advance and recede. Both realities are True, even though the distant image seems to be an illusion and the near is difficult to focus upon clearly. In my most current work, I’ve added a second series, in which the illusions of form, color, and space on the painted surface further challenge the viewer’s understanding of Truth.

Here are some of my favorite pieces.

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