I’ve committed over twenty years to my creative practice, and whatever I’ve made, I’ve always looked for new ways of balancing calculated precision against expressive unpredictability. It’s been a thread running throughout everything I’ve created. For the past few years, I’ve been using an Op Art/Color Field approach, which deals with the nature of subjective reality and perception; the work often incorporates illusions that change depending on the observer’s location and distance from the surface. This interconnectedness of spatial relations interests me in terms of reaching the observer, and to work within rules and restrictions (like using nothing but straight lines or geometric shapes) creates a rewarding artistic challenge, since I’m also trying to interject a sense of spontaneity. 

I’ll start each piece with a rough idea of the effect I want to achieve, or the color palette, or the overall composition, and then begin an intuitive process of painting and solving problems as I go. Leaving many of the important choices to be made along the way is the only method I know of that allows me to improvise within the confines I’ve set up for myself.

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